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Australian Medical Council Exams

The Australian Medical Council administers the national examinations of overseas trained medical practitioners seeking to practise their medical profession in Australia.It is an independent national stardardizing body for medical education and training.

Most foreign trained doctors have medical qualifications not recognised in Australia. Thus they must gain eligibility by passing the AMC MCQ and Clinical examinations. There after they are required to work as an intern in any Australian accredited hospital,completing a year of supervised training approved by the relevant State Medical Board. Afterwards,they can obtain their general registration as a medical practitioner in Australia.

Doing the AMC exam is essential for any OTD wanting to find work in Australia as a Doctor.

AMC MCQ exam is held multiple times per year, testing sites occurring in Australia and even outside of Australia.The range of topics covered in the MCQ examination is based on the clinical curricula of Australian medical schools with an emphasis on commonly found diseases in Australia.

Many overseas trained doctors encounter difficulty with the AMC Exam,most often with the multiple choice questions part of the examination, however, there are multiple online learning modules for OTD's aspiring to work in Australia as a doctor.

AMC exams are formulated as a comprehensive test of medical knowledge, clinical competency and performance for overseas trained doctors to be at par with the standards of Australian medical system.

In addition to passing the MCQ and the clinical examinations, each practitioners must meet the Occupational English Test (OET) set by Language Australia or sit the IELTS.

Further information should be sought from the AMC or from their web site.

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